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7 Reasons Why SMBs Need An Experienced Marketing Technologist

The need is real. Finding someone who can not only create compelling marketing campaigns but deploy them across channels that require technical know-how is a real challenge SMBs face today. Here’s why:

1) You can’t effectively run your business and be the expert at all things (like internet marketing). Trying to keep up with changing industry trends, updating your website, creating marketing campaigns, and having sufficient analysis of what is and isn’t working is no easy or quick task.  Having a marketing technologist creating and watching over your marketing assets and campaigns is essential to staying competitive. If it’s not your expertise, it’s an inefficient use of your time.

2) Misconfigured technology and campaigns cost you substantial opportunities. Just yesterday I was reviewing a colleague’s site (as a favor) and found that they had incorrectly modified the SEO plugin on all their blogs (9 different networked WordPress blogs), pulling in the same title tag instead the targeted title tag for each individual post. This was a huge lost opportunity and I’m unsure how long this had been set-up incorrectly.  I fixed it immediately, made an annotation in Google Analytics noting when the change was made and opened a discussion on how to help them with more technical marketing management.

3) Having real experience at your side is essential to not waste money and to avoid bad results. If you are hiring or outsourcing your digital marketing, make sure you’re not using someone just getting started, selling “flavor of the month” internet marketing tactics.  An experienced marketing technologist will have a solid background of direct experience (with testimonials), makes recommendations on long standing strategies that work, and will provide fresh ideas to maintain a competitive advantage.

4) Someone to keep up with all the moving parts and to keep on schedule. Strategy, graphic design, content creation, programming, implementation, reporting, and continuous improvement, are all major components of successful internet marketing campaigns. Within those major components are many more tasks that are best managed and completed by an experienced marketing technologist who knows how to help get them all done on time.

5) Efficient use of your marketing budget to get the most out of your investment. Experienced technical marketers have already overcome many of the challenges that businesses face when deploying campaigns including technology and creative issues.  Do-it-yourself attempts and inexperienced technicians will waste your money and time, all while delivering less than effective campaign results.

6) Getting a fresh perspective on your current efforts. Some business owners are doing their own marketing and have had enough successful results in the past that they don’t try new things. Many times I see that either their ambition to optimize marketing campaigns is waning or they’re stuck within the methods that they’ve been using over time and haven’t looked (or don’t trust) newer methods of marketing.  Unsure of how digital marketing will work for them, they maintain the status quo lead and often get to a point where they are struggling to grow their business any further.

7) Having someone to be accountable.  It’s easy to lose sight of working on your business, like developing new marketing campaigns and not having anyone truly accountable (because it isn’t a priority).  When you spend money to hire an experienced marketing technologist, you’ve hired an accountable party and you’ve made it a priority. The combination of the two will lead to a deeper commitment to this essential business practice: marketing.

I hope these 7 reasons help you realize the great need for hiring an experienced marketing technologist.  Good luck in your pursuit!

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