The One Thing That Made Me a Marketing Automation Believer

When I saw this feature for the first time, all of a sudden I felt like a novice digital marketer all over again. I had not known or seen this type of technology in action, though I was using platforms that claimed to be marketing automation, but didn’t actually do this very specific thing that created my “aha” moment.

It wasn’t until mid-2012 that I discovered what I call “Lead Level Analytics” (that’s a term I coined, but you can use it) – the ability to see all the interactions, especially specific webpage views and interactions, of a specific person on my site. THIS was my “aha” moment – I realized then and there that this inherent function in marketing automation could help me better help people with their specific challenges and desires.

This “lead level analytics” can help you and I create better lead nurturing campaigns, meaningful emails, relevant ads and more. And this improvement in marketing messaging can deliver people to more meaningful landing and sales, that conveys messaging that shows we really understand the audience.

It is more work, but it is for a better purpose: truly helping our audience.

And in my professional opinion, as marketers, that is what we really should all be aiming to do, truly and genuinely helping our prospects and customers. If knowing what they are interested in by analyzing their various interactions and activities helps us better understand who they are and what their problems/needs/wants are, it seems to me to be a win/win.

I know there are complaints about “big data” and how much information businesses are gathering about their audience, but it all comes back to one main question, one that I’m surely not the first to ask: wouldn’t you rather have relevant, meaningful marketing/advertising presented to you than untargeted and totally irrelevant ads and emails? I know I would.

This ability for businesses to understand more about their audience by tracking website activity, purchase patterns and other implicit behavior is inherently good for business and good for customers. At least, that’s what I believe and is why I’m a believer in what many of the marketing automation tools out there can do.

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